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We are a private volunteering initiative to provide crucial medical supply and support to medical frontlines in need.

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Supporting Covid Frontliners

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Hi fellow concerned professionals, I’m Dr. Chan Hai Feng, a medical doctor currently base in far east Malaysia, a small town named Semporna. I graduated from USM Kubang Kerian.

Due to our invovlement in medical devices supply distributed across Malaysia, I’m here to address a problem. As we are deploying our brightest and bravest to the line of pandemic war, we notice that on a grand scale, we really ran short of proper medical equipment for the front-liners. Many took it for granted, but we think it’s suicidal. 

We at Covid Frontliners understands and chose to fight on with all our might instead of counting casualties hopelessly. Our cause focuses on the entire medical and public service frontline supply and support. Only with proper support and supply even from the private sector, we stand a chance. 

We’ve initiated a campaign for donations to come in as fast as possible as time is ticking and it effects all of us. As many PPEs are being prep up since my last order, I personally pledge to everyone to donate according to your capacity for us to make a difference.

We are accepting organic inquiries for the selected types of shortage for PPEs, especially from frontline institutions.

  • Again, the front-liners cannot fall, then we shall all stand a chance!

Dr. Chan Hai Feng
Semporna, Sabah




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